Compex WLM54GP30 (30 dBm)

Product Description

Compex WLM54G-30dBm miniPCI network adapter offers high output power of 1 Watt, extending the range of embedded devices much further. Combined with excellent receiver sensitivity, Compex WLM54G-30dBm is the miniPCI of choice for long distance links, or those where signal levels are reduced due to minor obstructions such as tress or buildings.

Built on Atheros chipset, Compex WLM54G-30dBm miniPCI network adapter can be used for all IEEE 802.11b/g compatible WLAN. It is ideal for integration in a wide range of OEM devices.

Compex WLM54G-30dBm is also available in Super-G mode, which delivers better performance at higher throughput for your network connectivity.

Features and Benifits

* Compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g standard
* Up to 108Mbps high-speed data rate (super-G model)
* High Output Power of up to 30dBm (1 Watt)
* Transmission Power Control (TPC)
* Data Encryption Security and Authentication Support
* Multi-country Roaming Support (IEEE 802.11d)
* Suitable for Embedded System or OEM project
* Available in Wireless-G, Super-G modes
* Comes with one MMCX (Main) and one U.FL (Aux) connector

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