Laptop ASUS Eee 9 inch

(Translate ke Bahasa  :D) Besides the 7-inch version, ASUS’s Eee PC has an 9-inch version. The 9-inche version was showed off at CeBIT. The 9-inch version has a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 and looks to be almost exactly the same with the pixeld density of the 7-inch version.


The 9-inch version was demoed with both two versions of operating systems which are Windows XP and Linux. This hints that the 9-inch version also gives you choice of its OS when it gets released later this year.

The actual screen size of the 9-inch Eee UMPC is 8.9 inch only. And most part of the 9-inch version is quite similar to the 7-inch. Although the screen size is now 9 inch, which is bigger but it seems to have no much impact to the battery life. The battery still can last for 2.5 to 3 hours. Asus is preparing a few versions with different capacities of the internal flash drive and having plan to release middle of this year. The 12GB version is targeting for a price of €399 for Europe. And there is also an 8GB version but the price is unknown. The price for the US also remains unknown.



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